Company profile


The company's basic activity
- international forwarding and customs brokerage - is incorporated in the overall logistics
operational system,
- it is part of foreign trade and a higher form of international traffic and transport

Transadria has the status of an independent enterprise, registered for the above activities, and as such abides strictly by the General Conditions of the International Freight Forwarders in Croatia.

Transadria - an international forwarder-is a useful transport adviser.
It serves the interests of cargoes and finds the best and most effective solutions for the organization of their transport along the most economical and convenient routes.

In organizing the transport of its clients' goods, Transadria offers the following foreign trade services:

shipment of goods from its home country to another country (export forwarding),
- delivery of goods from another country to its home country (import forwarding),
- transit of goods between foreign countries through its home country (transit forwarding),
- other prescribed or common specialized (complementary) tasks related to the shipment, delivery or transit of goods, which include:

- drawing up contracts of carriage, loading, unloading, transshipment, sorting, packing,
  storing and insuring goods,
- organization of transport by various means of transport,
- customs consulting - brokerage and customs clearance, customs consultancy, issuing
and procuring transport and other documents,
- import, export and transit customs clearance, with professional advice on customs tariffs
and shipment of all kinds of goods,
- procuring various certificates from inspection services,
- organization of special transports and procurement of permits from competent
authorities for transport of oversized cargoes,
- railway transport
- calculation of transport costs and submitting an offer,
determination of transport route and tariffs, filling up the waybills, payment
rail freight, rail freight complaints, accounting of refundment


TRANSADRIA d.d. u stečaju
Riva Boduli 1, HR-51000 Rijeka POB 290, HR-51001 Rijeka, Croatia
Telephone: +385 51 213494, +385 51 313764
Telefax: +385 51 211240, 213206