Refrencije i budućnost


Membership in the EU erases state borders, which requires radical adjustments in development and adaptation to new trading conditions.

The company endeavors to sell its services outside its centers, in the international market, to be involved in certain segments of the logistics market and be at the source of the latest information.

It keeps expanding its forwarding activities in various logistics fields – production, trade, transport/traffic, storage, management and marketing logistics.

Its imperatives are broadening the knowledge of its employees – forwarding and logistics experts, and offering its own solutions and know-how in order to meet the needs of a large number of potential and demanding clients.

The position of the port of Rijeka as a port for the Central Europe (especially for goods from the Far East countries) warrants an increase in the container traffic in future, which in turn will expand the volume of Transadria’s share in this field. This is why the company sees its future in an increasing orientation towards the processing of container traffic supported by complete logistics.


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