Company profile


The company was first founded on 1 September 1947 under the name of Transjug, a shipping and forwarding company. The company is based in Rijeka, Croatia's largest port and Central Europe's gateway to the world, an industrial and commercial center.

Aiming to expand its business and strengthen its position in the market, the company soon started opening its operational units outside Rijeka, along the Adriatic coast and in all major transport and commercial centers in inland Croatia. In addition to maritime and continental forwarding, its activities soon included packaging, storage and consignment of goods and agency services.

In early 1990s, this oldest international forwarding company in Croatia changed its name to Transadria, established as a joint-stock company in 1992.

The large number of the company's units scattered all over Croatia and its presence in foreign markets through own companies in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are no doubt the best proof of its success.

The Institute for Business Intelligence lists Transadria among 1% of the largest, most profitable and most productive Croatian companies, which was also corroborated by the gold medals of the First Croatian Kuna awarded to it in 2003,, 2005., 2006. i 2007.

An overview of Transadria must inevitably include the beautiful neo-classicist building which houses the company's headquarters, its main façade overlooking the sea. This monumental building is well nested in the string of great buildings that border the port of Rijeka, impressive in their visual impact. Just as the building itself is impressive, so are its tenants, who have been striving to impress their business partners and clients with their work for over half a century now, patiently, professionally and responsibly responding to their demands.


TRANSADRIA d.d. u stečaju
Riva Boduli 1, HR-51000 Rijeka POB 290, HR-51001 Rijeka, Croatia
Telephone: +385 51 213494, +385 51 313764
Telefax: +385 51 211240, 213206