Company profile


Transadria – forwarding/logistics agent, manager of modern transport technologies, carrier of the whole transport process - provides:

- quality service to all participants in logistic chain,
- planning of all the activities occurring between the departure and destination points,
- application of current professional knowledge,
- a complete logistics service, covering all transport requirements,
- organization, coordination and provision of a complete service package as a multimodal carrier,
- an effective solution for a variety of complex transport requirements,
- optimal organization of transport processes to ensure timely delivery of goods in good condition
and at the right destination,
- participation in a constant increase in the volume and intensity of the exchange of goods with
the appropriate electronic data processing and transfer.

Transadria is ready and able to offer its clients an optimal logistics solution at all times.
The assigned tasks are performed at the high level of a modern forwarding and logistics agent.

In addition to the basic activity of international forwarding and customs brokerage, Transadria has extended additional specialized activities, such as:

- Shipping Agency
- warehousing
- insurance brokerage (transport insurance brokerage services within
international forwarding)
- foreign and domestic trade (export/import tasks in its own name and
account, and in its own name and for the account of others),
- airfreight and courier services (the company is a long-term IATA
member and offers services at Croatian airports),
- handling and transport of special cargos (selecting the best means of
transport, preparation of cranes, choosing the appropriate manner of
loading, system of securing and transport route).
- organization and realization of groupage traffic from/to EU countries


TRANSADRIA d.d. u stečaju
Riva Boduli 1, HR-51000 Rijeka POB 290, HR-51001 Rijeka, Croatia
Telephone: +385 51 213494, +385 51 313764
Telefax: +385 51 211240, 213206