Refrencije i budućnost


Transadria participated in some complex and important projects, among which:

- a project of the Port of Rijeka: modernization of the container terminal and the bulk
cargo terminal in Bakar (Samsung cranes),
- the Nebo project for the Croatian Ministry of Defense/RH Alan and supplier Lockheed Martin
Maritime Systems & Sensors (Syracuse, USA) with
complete logistics support,
- the project of delivery of a new FCC reactor for the INA oil company (Rijeka Oil Refinery at
- the project of delivery of a new separator for the INA oil company and organization of special
transport to the Rijeka Oil Refinery, including
unloading from the flatbed trailer (using a Transadria 40 ton crane).

Within the last two projects, the following tasks have been completed:

- logistics assistance in consultations regarding the adaptation of the Podurinj boat dock for reception of such cargo,
- ordering and drafting a maritime study of the Urinj boat dock in cooperation with the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka,
- agency m/v Storm,
- customs consultancy and customs brokerage,
- temporary import of a 400-ton crane required for unloading and assembling into the FCC plant,

- the project of shipping the equipment for silo cleaning in Algeria, in lots in DB and OT containers,
- participation in the project of the Koudiat Rosfa dam construction in Algeria,
- the project of construction of a skyscraper in the port of Alger - organization of transport of various equipment for several Croatian manufacturers,
- participation in the Libyan project of equipping a factory for meat and fish production and processing,
- the project of equipping an isolation chamber in Mauritania,
- the project of desalinization of seawater in Libya (Tripoli, Benghazi),
- a project of the Zagreb-based TEŽ˝ railway company - shipment of a complete light bulb production plant to Iran by FR containers for oversized
- the project of shipment to India of complete paper production machinery (ca. 1,000 t) together with a 90-ton oversized central cylinder,
- the project of export of technical stone from Dalmatia to Italy, about 500,000 tons yearly,
- participation in various projects of unloading heavy investment equipment (the TLM rolling mill, Batoli Šibenik, MLM Zagreb etc.),
- full logistics support, ranging from transport, import and export customs clearance, insurance, storage and transshipment to drafting certificates of
control houses for Italian construction companies and other clients during the construction and equipping of the Tower Center in Rijeka.

Other important jobs:

- participation in the shipment of special equipment for a new plant for pallets
production in timber industry,
- full logistics support to the shipbuilding industry,
- long-term cooperation with all major oil companies doing business in Croatia,
- regular shipments of various types of transmitters complete with the equipment
to Yemen, Libya, Djibouti, Morocco, Bangladesh in
various types of containers, including FR containers for oversized packages,
- yearly, about 500,000 tons of raw material are processed through the
phosphate terminal in Šibenik and about 200,000 tons of
  artificial fertilizers through the terminal for artificial fertilizers,
- regular shipments of various equipment, machinery, cranes and tools to
numerous construction sites worldwide.

The company is present in the Istrian market through its major participation in services offered, covering a large range of goods.

It fully covers the Istrian shipbuilding market and a large part of the market of special/laboratory glass production, textile, dish, clothes and footwear trade, plastics and packing material production, trade in construction materials, etc. The company is involved in customs/tax counseling and customs clearance of construction material, machinery and equipment at numerous marts.

-The transit jobs that Transadria was involved in include shipment of:

- 60-meter railway tracks from Austria to Australia and Africa,
- railway engines from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey,
- sugar from the South America to the EU,
- rice from Vietnam, Pakistan and Egypt to the EU,
- corn from Hungary to Mediterranean countries,
- iron from the Czech Republic to Mediterranean countries and Saudi Arabia,
- paper from Slovakia to Israel.

All the above goes to prove Transadria's capacity to offer top shipping and logistics support and services in the whole of the Croatian market and beyond.


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